Life with Frances

An unexpected milestone.

3.11.2012 | 20:19 | Read article

Saturday is always my day to go for a long walk, no matter what walking I may have done during the week, and no matter…

Olives and red wine

29.9.2012 | 22:20 | Read article

I met Suzanna at the cemetery today. I was sitting on the bench eating a carrot when I heard her come up and say hello….

A small kindness

20.8.2012 | 12:55 | Read article

I set off today on my Saturday eight mile walk, on what felt like the hottest day of the year (not that there have been…

Shoebox Mementoes

5.2.2012 | 22:38 | Read article

Browsing through the shoebox mementoes has brought back memories I’d not recalled for decades, and until now had entirely forgotten. Among the mementoes Frances kept,…

Shoebox Mementoes

2.2.2012 | 00:59 | Read article

This may mean nothing to most, but I have just found a completely unexpected treasure trove. Whilst in the process of turning the small bedroom…


20.11.2011 | 00:50 | Read article

The Remembrance Service at St Dunstan’s this afternoon, to remember all the parishioners who had died during the year. I walked all the way there,…

Something Special

15.3.2009 | 11:02 | Read article

As some may know, Frances has a neurological condition, one consequence of which is that she is not able to swallow, and this in turn…

A journey nearer a darker place

14.11.2006 | 20:22 | Read article

Early in the autumn, Lindsay had come for the weekend with Alex, our grandson, and on the Saturday she and Frances went into town for…