Notes and Tales

Poetry of earth

3.5.2015 | 23:49 | Read article

He was practical, where I was bookish. Taciturn, where I was talkative. Where my head was regularly in the clouds, or at least pointed towards…

Sugar & spice, and things not nice

1.10.2014 | 15:23 | Read article

Father Hendry always gave sterner penances to errant schoolboys than any of the other priests. He was by far the sternest looking too, a priest…

One more poppy

29.12.2013 | 12:54 | Read article

Some years ago, I began to research the history of my father’s family, which originated in the island of South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides….

Women want me

21.3.2013 | 00:31 | Read article

They do. It’s a curse I have to live with. It’s not a few days since Hazel came to my door, declaring she needed a…

An unexpected kindness

8.2.2013 | 22:00 | Read article

A short while ago, I related the story of Aileen, the girl who had teased me as a young lad in the spring of my…


2.2.2013 | 02:47 | Read article

I had thought of changing her name, for the telling of this story, but in truth she deserves her own name, even though it’s not…

Come Prima

25.12.2012 | 23:51 | Read article

I never learned Italian, and I sometimes wish I had. It is, I think, a language of song, or at least, it is always in…

The Logical Mind

3.12.2012 | 20:24 | Read article

I proposed to Rose today. She was so overcome she nearly fell off the kitchen worktop. OK, technically speaking she laughed so hard she nearly…

in vodka veritas

28.11.2012 | 21:54 | Read article

My Mum could never pronounce the word ‘menstruation’. It always came out as ‘menu-stration’. (Can you tell echoes here of an attempt at a bird-and-bees…

Parliamo Pasta

15.11.2012 | 09:28 | Read article

Auntie Penny popped into my head today, completely derailing my train of thought. There I was, walking along in the autumn sunshine, minding my own…