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Some pictures of Frances through the years.

Gillian’s 30th

When she was recovering from her brain haemorrhage, Frances set herself the goal of being well enough to dance at her niece’s birthday celebration. Only two months after brain surgery, she did it. That’s what she was like.

Rome 2008

This was one of the last trips we were able to make before Frances’s condition made foreign travel impossible. She had always wanted to go to Rome and the Vatican, and with the help of Susan and John, we did it. We would never be able to go again, but the achievement for her was worth everything.


The first picture here was taken around 1971/2, on the roof of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, in its original location at Hill Street. Sue Rainbird (centre of picture) , an Australian PhD student visiting the Beatson for a spell, asked me to set this up as a memento of her visit just before her return to Australia. I rounded up as many as I could, to have this photograph taken on the roof of the Institute. Since then, ‘Mac’ McKirdy, George Birnie and Jimmy Somerville have all passed away. They were good men.

Earlier Times and People

A few pictures of me and people I knew, from earlier times.


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